Christmas Stocking Filler Fun


Christmas Stocking Filler Fun

Christmas Stocking Filler Fun,

It is that time of the year… my absolute favorite time! – C H R I S T M A S

I wanted to share with you a few lovely stocking ideas for the special men in your life. I always struggle with “gifts for men” – us ladies are easy going, we love pretty things, beauty products and pretty much anything with bling.

So, when I thought of what to get my fiancé as stocking-fillers, I made a little list with gift ideas and ticked them off accordingly.

1.Snack Gift idea

2.Grooming Gift idea

3.Feel-good Gift idea

4.Boozy Gift idea

5.Christmas Eve spoil


For my snack gift idea, I got Lindt Chocolates. I love the golden cracker box and it is perfect for Christmas. You can however choose anything from Chocolates to nuts / cookies.

One of my favorite skin and beauty brands must be Rain. I buy their amazing bath salts, bath bombs, hand wash and hand creams (just to name a few). I got the most amazing aftershave spritz from them, it smells SO good and is gentle on the skin. – a must have for every man.

I don’t know what is better than to spend a night in, drinking wine and relaxing with a facemask. So, the charcoal peel-off facemask for men from Sorbet was my choice for a “feel-good” gift idea.

I really like the miniature alcohol bottles, so I decided to get two “boozy” gifts. An Amarula (because who does NOT like Amarula on ice in summer?!) and the Musgrave Copper Vanilla Flavoured Poststill Brandy.

For a Christmas Eve spoil, I decided on a lovely pair of Trenery socks with some Starbucks coffee (yes, my fiancé and I both prefer coffee over hot chocolate ; – ). )

I hope you find some amazing stocking fillers – these are all just ideas, and remember they need to be able to fit in the stocking, so don’t go too heavy (keep that for the real prezzies under the tree!)

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